Autodesk Revit toolkit

HSC toolkit for Autodesk Revit 2017 you can increase your productivity to work with models and families. It is completely free and open to the entire BIM community to continue to introduce improvements.

HSC Revit toolkit

Intelligent indoor navigation

The e-Way system is an indoor positioning system based on reading QR codes and the actual positioning provided by wireless devices (RTLS). It provides a system of warnings in cases of emergency, calculation of routes between positions, list of interior nodes with the possibility of discriminating them by tags, list of exits of the building, possibility to save custom positions, etc.

Manage your spaces with SPEED

SPEED is a system for graphical management of its assets, either at the level of buildings or geolocated. Use SPEED to optimize the use of space and workplaces, to represent its inventory of equipment, furniture and facilities and repercussions of space.       


BIM Consultant

Redefining BIM collaboration.
See, export and edit information about your Autodesk Revit projects. Put the project information available to their employees and customers in a graphical, collaborative and very easy to use web environment..

Custom Programming

We develop applications and offer consulting programming
Consultancy and programming CAD and BIM

Consultancy and programming CAD and BIM

For projects where a graphic treatment of information exists.

Programming based on platforms such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Inventor BricsCAD. We provide audit, standardization and support.

Applications development

Applications development

Problem = Program

We design, programmed and implement desktop applications, web or mobile devices.

Enterprise Training

We offer training courses to learn programming in graphical environments such as CAD and BIM so that they can run their own projects.

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Software manufacturers

Technological solutions tailored to their needs and turnkey developments.

Specialists and web graphics technologies

We develop software on CAD platforms, BIM, GIS ...

we are open to collaborations and business synergies

Technology to grow, sharing technology.


We redefining concepts, paradigms and systems in order to advance and innovate.

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