BIM Consultant

Redefining BIM collaboration

BIM collaborative editing projects

Only must register to activate the trial mode or download the software to Revit, IFC importer and help manuals.

Reviewing and updating BIM projects

Bim Consultant exports to its web editor, information and geometry of its Autodesk Revit projects you want, allowing users parameter editing and synchronization back to the project, without the need for file or Autodesk Revit. Support for IFC files 2x3 and 4

BIM viewer innovative

The export of parameters also includes the geometry of the elements in the display showing only what exported. The viewer has very useful tools to navigate the model, select items and interact with the editor.

Cloud Security

BIM Consultant safeguard all data encrypted and encrypted projects in the cloud. Account in addition to the SSL protocol for secure data transmission.


BIM Consultant for Autodesk Revit and IFC
Export Autodesk Revit and IFC models

Using the add-in for Autodesk Revit export views, categories and parameters of their projects. Update the parameter from the web editor and import the changes made in Autodesk Revit.

Control and data management

With BIM editor you can edit parameters directly from the table, group records, total, export to MS Excel and more. Review and coordinate your BIM projects without file sharing.

BIM Consultant
Issues and requests management

With the operation panel we simplify workflow to manage and coordinate operations BIM team. All performances, time and costs of activity recorded in unique surroundings.

Easy to use and fast

No training is required for the use of BIM Consultant. In just a few minutes the full command of the tool is achieved. The burden of information and presents quick navigation very fluid model even in heavy models.


Saving software

Significant savings in purchasing expensive software and training.

Customization and integration with other platforms

Ready to adapt to change. Integrable with other systems.

Integrated messaging system

Service internal communication between users via chat and notifications.

Always updated

Constantly updated, at no extra cost.